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Now available through Amazon is my first “Adventurer’s Journal”!

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Why keep an adventurer’s journal?

I created this journal for three reasons:

  1. The number of times I’ve played a game and needed to jot something down. It could be a symbol or a reminder to check something out later in the game. Inevitably, these notes have ended up on whatever scraps of paper were nearby. I wanted a notebook to keep all my gaming notes organized, in one place, with game titles and dates.
  2. I’ve realized that playing for pure escapism isn’t enough for me anymore (at least most of the time). I’m giving hours and hours of my life to interactive stories, so I want to bring parts of it back with me to my real life. I want to remember what I loved about it, quotes that inspired me, even sketch what I see. I want to appreciate the game, take my time, instead of mindlessly going from quest to quest. While this is fun, it ultimately doesn’t enrich my life. I want to stay mindful and see what can I learn from the game, and what can the game teach me about myself.
  3. I wanted a nice looking journal, one that would look at home in some of my most loved games.

If you relate to all or some of these reasons, you can order one of these for yourself!

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Use the slider to see the front and back covers

Ideas for your Adventurer’s Journal

  • As mentioned, writing down adventures and experiences can bring them to life, and into your real life.
  • If you’re role playing a game, you can record the adventures as your character.
  • Create more structure within open worlds by keeping notes and planning your actions.
  • Create checklists of the things you want to accomplish and collect.
  • Keep track of the quotes, ideas, and inspirations that your adventures stir within you.
  • Sketch landscapes, buildings, people, animals, whatever catches your eye and perhaps takes your imagination to the next level. You don’t need to be an artist, you just need to embrace and practice your own unique style.
Sample page
What one may write and draw while role playing a character.

Journal Features

  • Realistic suede print featuring embossed compass, stitching details, tarnished book corners, strap closure, and green ribbon bookmark
  • Paperback cover with a smooth, matte finish
  • Slim, portable digest size (5.5″ x 8.5″ or 12.7 x 20.32 cm)
  • Illustrated cover page with a space for a name of your choosing
  • Fillable table of contents
  • 96 dotted grid pages for all of your notes, checklists and drawings
  • Room for a title and date above the dotted grid on each page
  • Stylized page numbers
  • Printed on 90 GSM cream paper, best for pencils, non-bleeding pens, and pencil crayons
  • Affordable and animal-friendly alternative to leather
  • Great gift for the gamers, role players and adventurers

Why dotted grid pages?

The dotted grid allows you the most freedom and creativity when using the journal. The dots provide subtle guides when you want to write, make checklists, or draw geometrical symbols (how many times I could have used this in the past!). At the same time, when you want to sketch freely, the dots won’t get in the way. You can even turn the journal sideways if you need more horizontal room.

What’s next?

  • If you want your own Adventurer’s Journal, they are available via the links below.
  • If you do buy one, or have some other thoughts I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments on this page (and/or leave a review on Amazon).
  • I had a lot of fun designing these and I plan to release new covers and interiors. If you want to know when this happens, you can sign up to the The Organized Gamer mailing list.

Amazon: .com | | .ca | | .de | .nl | .it | .fr | .es |
Note: Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature shows lined pages instead of dotted grid, but having my own copy I can assure you that the pages are dotted grid.

Redbubble: I’m experimenting with putting the journals on Redbubble but they are hardcover and do not have a custom interior. You can choose from white blank, lined or graph paper. There is no table of contents or page numbers. If this appeals to you, please check out

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