Skill Books

Last Updated: May-02-2013

Reading a skill book permanently raises the corresponding skill by three points (four with the Comprehension perk).

Printable Checklist

Fallout-New-Vegas-Skill-Books.pdf (11809 downloads)

List of Skill Books

Book TitleSkillClosest Map MarkerProcurementDLC
Big Book of ScienceScienceBrewer's Beer BootleggingFound
Big Book of ScienceScienceCamp Forlorn HopeStolen
Big Book of ScienceScienceHelios OneQuest Reward
Big Book of ScienceScienceNipton HallFound
Big Book of ScienceScienceRepconn HeadquartersFound
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualSneakCamp SearchlightFound
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualSneakGoodspringsStolen/Found
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualSneakNcr Sharecropper FarmsStolen
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualSneakVault 3Found
D.C. Journal of Internal MedicineMedicineFollowers SafehouseFound
D.C. Journal of Internal MedicineMedicineHelios OneFound
D.C. Journal of Internal MedicineMedicineMesquite Mountains CraterFound
D.C. Journal of Internal MedicineMedicineNovacStolen
Dean's ElectronicsRepairNellis Air Force BaseStolen
Dean's ElectronicsRepairSloanStolen
Dean's ElectronicsRepairSouthern Nevada Wind FarmFound
Duck and Cover!ExplosivesMojave OutpostStolen
Duck and Cover!ExplosivesNellis Air Force BaseStolen
Duck and Cover!ExplosivesRanger Station FoxtrotFound
Duck and Cover!ExplosivesSloanStolen
Grognak the BarbarianMelee WeaponsCannibal Johnson's CaveStolen
Grognak the BarbarianMelee WeaponsCottonwood CoveStolen
Grognak the BarbarianMelee WeaponsHidden Supply CaveFound
Grognak the BarbarianMelee WeaponsJacobstownFound
Guns and BulletsGunsGomorrahStolen
Guns and BulletsGunsNevada Highway Patrol StationFound
Guns and BulletsGunsRaul's ShackFound
Guns and BulletsGunsVault 34Found
Lying, Congressional StyleSpeechBrooks Tumbleweed RanchStolen
Lying, Congressional StyleSpeechCerulean RoboticsFound
Lying, Congressional StyleSpeechLucky Jim MineFound
Lying, Congressional StyleSpeechNcr Correctional FacilityStolen
Nikola Tesla and YouEnergy WeaponsHidden ValleyStolen
Nikola Tesla and YouEnergy WeaponsOld Nuclear Test SiteFound
Nikola Tesla and YouEnergy WeaponsRepconn HeadquartersFound
Nikola Tesla and YouEnergy WeaponsRepconn HeadquartersFound
Pugilism IllustratedUnarmedFisherman's Pride ShackFound
Pugilism IllustratedUnarmedNipton Road ReststopFound
Pugilism IllustratedUnarmedThe TopsFound
Pugilism IllustratedUnarmedVault 11Found
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorBarterAllied Technologies OfficesFound
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorBarterCap Counterfeiting ShackFound
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorBarterPrimmFound
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorBarterVault 22Found
Tumblers TodayLockpickBitter Springs Recreation AreaFound
Tumblers TodayLockpickSilver Peak MineFound
Tumblers TodayLockpickThe Prospector's DenFound
Tumblers TodayLockpickWolfhorn RanchFound
Wasteland Survival GuideSurvivalLone Wolf RadioFound
Wasteland Survival GuideSurvivalMatthews Animal Husbandry FarmFound
Wasteland Survival GuideSurvivalMesquite Mountains Camp SiteFound
Wasteland Survival GuideSurvivalScavenger PlatformFound
Big Book of ScienceScienceExecutive SuitesFoundDead Money
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualSneakPuesta Del Sol Switching StationFoundDead Money
D.C. Journal of Internal MedicineMedicineVilla ClinicFoundDead Money
Dean's ElectronicsRepairAbandoned Brotherhood Of Steel BunkerFoundDead Money
Dean's ElectronicsRepairPuesta Del Sol Switching StationFoundDead Money
Duck and Cover!ExplosivesResidential DistrictFoundDead Money
Grognak the BarbarianMelee WeaponsPolice StationFoundDead Money
Guns and BulletsGunsSierra Madre CasinoFoundDead Money
Lying, Congressional StyleSpeechSierra Madre CasinoFoundDead Money
Nikola Tesla and YouEnergy WeaponsSierra Madre Casino VaultFoundDead Money
Pugilism IllustratedUnarmedVillaFoundDead Money
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorBarterSalida Del Sol SouthFoundDead Money
Tumblers TodayLockpickSierra Madre CasinoFoundDead Money
Workbench crate, random bookNULLAngel CaveFoundHonest Hearts
Workbench crate, random bookNULLCueva GuaracheFoundHonest Hearts
Workbench crate, random bookNULLFallen Rock CaveFoundHonest Hearts
Workbench crate, random bookNULLStone Bones CaveFoundHonest Hearts
Big Book of ScienceScienceAshton Silo Control StationFoundLonesome Road
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualSneakSunstone TowerFoundLonesome Road
D.C. Journal of Internal MedicineMedicineBuried BuildingsFoundLonesome Road
Dean's ElectronicsRepairHopeville Missile Silo BunkerFoundLonesome Road
Duck and Cover!ExplosivesCollapsed Overpass TunnelFoundLonesome Road
Grognak the BarbarianMelee WeaponsHopeville Women's BarracksFoundLonesome Road
Guns and BulletsGunsHopeville ArmoryFoundLonesome Road
Lying, Congressional StyleSpeechThird Street Municipal BuildingFoundLonesome Road
Nikola Tesla and YouEnergy WeaponsHopeville Missile Base HeadquartersFoundLonesome Road
Pugilism IllustratedUnarmedWastewater Treatment PlantFoundLonesome Road
Tales of a Junktown Jerky VendorBarterMarked Men Guard OutpostFoundLonesome Road
Tumblers TodayLockpickHopeville Missile BaseFoundLonesome Road
Tumblers TodayLockpickThe Crow's NestFoundLonesome Road
Wasteland Survival GuideSurvivalWaste Disposal StationFoundLonesome Road
Big Book of ScienceScienceY-0 Research CenterFoundOld World Blues
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualSneakX-13 Testing FacilityFoundOld World Blues
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualSneakX-13 Testing FacilityQuest RewardOld World Blues


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