Skill Books and Trainers

Last Updated: May-04-2013

There is one skill book and four trainers available for each skill in Reckoning.  If you want to max out your skills make sure that you take advantage of trainers before you pass their training threshold.  You may also want to save your skill books until after you’ve met with the four trainers for a skill.

Printable Checklist

Kingdoms-of-Amalur-Reckoning-Skill-Books-and-Trainers-Checklist.pdf (7407 downloads)

List of Skill Books and Trainers

AlchemySkill BookCradle of Summer (NW Plains of Erathell) in a secret door near Urul Tusk. Requires Detect Hidden level 5 or greater.
AlchemyBasic Trainer (0-3)Jakasen - Lyceum Grove in City of Ysa
AlchemyBasic Trainer (0-3)Molly Janick - Blue Bear Tavern in Emaire
AlchemyIntermediate Trainer (4-6)Savant Red Thombrum - Scholia Arcana in Rathir
AlchemyAdvanced Trainer (7-9)Conni - Seawatch [requires mission: Ghosts of Seawatch]
BlacksmithingSkill BookHall of Firstsworn in a chest. Acquired during the The Mystic Hammer quest.
BlacksmithingBasic Trainer (0-3)Halder Rodric - Shieldring Keep
BlacksmithingBasic Trainer (0-3)Holte Frenn - United Merchants Delegation in City of Ysa
BlacksmithingIntermediate Trainer (4-6)Efyr Dynnwel - Ironfast Keep in Menetyre. Requires completion of 'A Master's Touch' quest, given by a Blacksmith.
BlacksmithingAdvanced Trainer (7-9)Ragna Senn - Mel Senshir
Detect HiddenSkill BookReward for completing either Going Rogue or The Purloined Letters during The Travelers faction quests (you can receive both this and the Stealth skill book, one for each quest, chosen randomly)
Detect HiddenBasic Trainer (0-3)Arnick Arduna - Gorhart Inn in Gorhart
Detect HiddenBasic Trainer (0-3)Ambassador Odvar - Embassy Hall in City of Ysa
Detect HiddenIntermediate Trainer (4-6)Gawait Hand - Sun Camp
Detect HiddenAdvanced Trainer (7-9)Ney Csalan - Mel Senshir
DispellingSkill BookBallads Library. Requires Ballads Signet Ring from the House of Ballads quest line.
DispellingBasic Trainer (0-3)Saramer - Trellis in City of Ysa
DispellingBasic Trainer (0-3)Eric Porthe - Adessa Walls. I found him in the Forum, but he seems to move around the city.
DispellingIntermediate Trainer (4-6)Artan Caid - Scholia Arcana in Rathir
DispellingAdvanced Trainer (7-9)Dionaeach - House of Sorrows. Requires completion of the House of Sorrows entrance trial.
LockpickingSkill BookInside a locked chest in Orieator's Tomb on the Northern Forsaken Plain.
LockpickingBasic Trainer (0-3)Tefroy Tarion - Tirin's Rest. Requires completion of Lock and Key mission.
LockpickingBasic Trainer (0-3)Thorvald Ulfsson - South Of Brunuath across a bridge near the lorestone in South east Lorca-Rane
LockpickingIntermediate Trainer (4-6)Narit Wyle - Hospitalis Quarters in Adessa Walls
LockpickingAdvanced Trainer (7-9)Elya Madmyr - Caeled Coast west of Seawatch
MercantileSkill BookReward for fully upgrading Motus Mining Outpost house. Buying the house requires the completion of the Motus Mining quest line. Upgrade the house and the book will be on a bookshelf.
MercantileBasic Trainer (0-3)Elayen Dark - Star Camp in Dalentarth
MercantileBasic Trainer (0-3)Anton Demian - Northern Alserund north of the Caverns of Ingress.
MercantileIntermediate Trainer (4-6)Eormen Gest - Moon Camp in Plains of Erathell
MercantileAdvanced Trainer (7-9)Enion Gaius - Mel Senshir
PersuasionSkill BookReward for completing Paper Trail mission in Adessa.
PersuasionBasic Trainer (0-3)Ellova - House of Ballads
PersuasionBasic Trainer (0-3)Magessa Ohr - Rathir, Upper City
PersuasionIntermediate Trainer (4-6)Templar Montainel - Forum in Adessa Isles (if you can't find her in the Forum, she is upstairs in the Hospitalis)
PersuasionAdvanced Trainer (7-9)Caradas Hyne - Mel Senshir
SagecraftSkill BookHidden a well in St. Hadwyn's Mission in Glendara
SagecraftBasic Trainer (0-3)Viscount Setter - Southwest in City of Ysa, or in The Font (after completing Oh, the Indignitaries )
SagecraftBasic Trainer (0-3)Savant Raina Njorn - Delving Hall in City of Ysa
SagecraftIntermediate Trainer (4-6)Savant Itran Sconn - Scholia Arcana in the upper city of Rathir
SagecraftAdvanced Trainer (7-9)Liordran - Balor's Crossing in The Keening or just east of Rahnil
StealthSkill Bookreward for completing either Going Rogue or The Purloined Letters during The Travelers faction quests (you can receive both this and the Detect Hidden skill book, one for each quest, chosen randomly)
StealthBasic Trainer (0-3)Hiroen Karet - Star Camp in Dalentarth
StealthBasic Trainer (0-3)Inthaels Scyld - Moon Camp in Plains of Erathell
StealthIntermediate Trainer (4-6)Borm of Bowstrings - Hospitalis Quarters in Adessa Walls
StealthAdvanced Trainer (7-9)Ticnerani in Dark Glow Caverns in Shadow Pass


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