Silver Keys

Game Versions: Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters (TLC), Fable Anniversary

Silver Key Last Updated: 2014-Feb-08

IMPORTANT: The Demon Door in The Necropolis wants you to permanently hand over all Silver Keys in your inventory before it will open. You can avoid losing your keys using one of the following strategies:

  1. Don’t collect any Silver Keys before talking to the door. It will open despite the fact that you have no keys to give.
  2. Avoid talking to the door until after you have opened all the Silver Key Chests.

Printable Checklist

Fable-Silver-Key-Locations-and-Checklist.pdf (3934 downloads)

List of Silver Keys

AreaRegionRequirementsGame Version
Bandit CampTwinblade's CampSpade
BargateHeadsman's HillFishing Rod.
Must be obtained during the "Mayor's Invitation" quest.
BargateWindmill HillSpade
BargateWindmill HillSpade
BowerstoneBowerstone South
BowerstoneBowerstone SouthDonate 25 books to the school in the "Book Collection" quest.TLC
BowerstoneBowerstone ManorIf not playing TLC or Anniversary, you must marry Lady Grey.
DarkwoodAncient Cullis GateFishing Rod
DarkwoodDarkwood Lake
GreatwoodFisher CreekFishing Rod
GreatwoodFisher CreekWin 3rd place or higher in the "Fishing Competition".TLC
GreatwoodGreatwood Lake
GreatwoodHobbe CavesSpade
GreatwoodOrchard FarmFishing Rod
GreatwoodRose CottageSpade
Heroes' GuildGuild WoodsFishing Rod
Hook Coast-
LychfieldCliffside PathSpade
LychfieldLychfield GraveyardSpade
LychfieldLychfield Graveyard
LychfieldLychfield GraveyardFishing Rod
OakvaleWin the "Chicken Kicking Competition" with a score of 150+.TLC
OakvaleGrey HouseFishing Rod
OakvaleMemorial GardenSpade
Lookout Point-
The Northern WastesThe Lost BaySpadeTLC
The Northern WastesThe NecropolisFishing RodTLC
WitchwoodKnothole GladeSpade
WitchwoodWitchwood LakeSpade
WitchwoodWitchwood StonesFishing Rod


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