Fishing and Digging Locations

Game Versions: Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters (TLC), Fable Anniversary

Fishing and Digging Last Updated: Feb-11-2014

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List of Fishing and Digging Locations

RegionAreaTypeItem(s)Related Quest
Bandit CampTwinblade's CampDiggingSilver Key
BargateHeadman's HillFishingSilver KeyMayor's Invitation (Bronze). This fishing spot can only be accessed during this quest.
BargateWindmill HillDiggingSilver Key
BargateWindmill HillDiggingSilver Key
BargateWindmill HillFishingWedding Ring
DarkwoodAncient Cullis GateFishingSilver Key
GreatwoodHobbe CavesDiggingSilver Key
GreatwoodOrchard FarmDiggingNothing!
GreatwoodOrchard FarmDiggingFrying Pan
GreatwoodOrchard FarmFishingCoron Visor Tattoo
GreatwoodGreatwood EntranceDiggingGolden Carrot
GreatwoodOrchard FarmFishingSilver Key
GreatwoodOrchard FarmDiggingUpper Dress
GreatwoodOrchard FarmFishingElixir of Life
GreatwoodGreatwood Cullis GateFishingMoonfish
GreatwoodFisher CreekFishingGolden Fish
GreatwoodRose CottageDiggingSilver Key
GreatwoodFisher CreekFishing100 Gold
GreatwoodFisher CreekFishingMoonfish
GreatwoodFisher CreekFishingWorking Moustache
GreatwoodFisher CreekFishingSilver Key
Heroes' GuildGuild WoodsFishingSilver Key
Heroes' Guild-FishingBlue MushroomThe Sick Child (Bronze)
Lookout Point-FishingAges of Skill Potion
LychfieldLychfield GraveyardDiggingHealth Potion
LychfieldLychfield GraveyardDigging250 Gold
LychfieldLychfield GraveyardDigging1000 Gold
LychfieldLychfield GraveyardDiggingHealth Potion
LychfieldLychfield GraveyardDiggingSilver Key
LychfieldLychfield GraveyardDiggingWill Potion
LychfieldLychfield GraveyardFishingNostro's ShieldThe Graveyard Path (Gold)
LychfieldLychfield GraveyardDiggingNostro's SwordThe Graveyard Path (Gold)
LychfieldCliffside PathDiggingSilver Key
LychfieldLychfield GraveyardDiggingNothing!
LychfieldLychfield GraveyardDiggingKarlan Wings Tattoo
LychfieldLychfield GraveyardFishingSilver Key
LychfieldLychfield GraveyardDiggingHowl Tattoo
OakvaleBarrow FieldsFishingMoonfish
OakvaleOakvale TownDigging500 Gold
OakvaleBarrow FieldsDiggingGolden Carrot
OakvaleBarrow FieldsFishing500 Gold
OakvaleBarrow FieldsFishingCoron Night Tattoo
OakvaleGrey HouseFishingSilver Key
OakvaleOakvale TownDiggingLady Grey's NecklaceMayor's Invitation (Bronze). You will have to select the spade manually from the menu to dig once you learn the location of the necklace.
OakvaleMemorial GardenDiggingHealth Potion
OakvaleOakvale TownDigging500 GoldTreasure of the Ghost Pirate (Bronze)
OakvaleOakvale TownDiggingBalverine Skull Tattoo
OakvaleMemorial GardenDiggingGolden Carrot
OakvaleMemorial GardenDiggingSilver Key
Obsidian Greataxe
Treasure of the Ghost Pirate (Bronze)
WitchwoodWitchwood StonesFishingSilver Key
WitchwoodWitchwood LakeDiggingSilver Key
WitchwoodKnothole GladeDiggingSilver Key
WitchwoodWitchwood LakeFishingWill Master's Elixir


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