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Each bobblehead permanently increases one of the 7 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. statistics by 1 point, or grants a permanent unique perk. Download the checklist or see the table below for more information.

You can use bobbleheads to get 11 points in your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats if you wait until each stat is at 10 before picking up the related bobblehead.

Printable Checklist

Fallout-4-Bobbleheads.pdf (13366 downloads)

Bobblehead Location Table

NameEffectLocationLocation description
Agility+1 to AgilityWreck of the FMS Northern StarOn the edge of the bow of the ship, wooden platform.
Barter+5% better pricesLongneck Lukowski's CanneryInside the metal catwalk hut, southwest upper area of the main cannery room.
Big Guns+25% critical damage with heavy weaponsVault 95In the living quarters area, north-most room, on a radio.
Charisma+1 to CharismaParsons State Insane AsylumOn Jack Cabot's office desk, close to elevator, administration area.
Endurance+1 to EndurancePoseidon EnergyOn the metal desk with a magazine, near steamer trunk, central metal catwalk.
Energy Weapons+25% critical damage with energy weaponsFort HagenIn the Command Center, southwest kitchens, on a small table between two fridges. (Accessible only during/after the main quest Reunions)
Explosives+15% explosive damageSaugus IronworksIn the Blast Furnace on the second level catwalk behind Slag's spawn and next to a steamer trunk.
Intelligence+1 to IntelligenceBoston Public LibraryOn the computer bank, mechanical room, northwest corner of library.
LockpickingEasier lockpickingPickman GalleryLast tunnel chamber where you see Pickman; On the ground between brick pillars and a bin fireplace.
Luck+1 to LuckSpectacle IslandIn the second deck pilot house of a green tugboat located at the southern end of Spectacle Island, on a locker shelf near the steamer trunk.
Medicine+10% stimpak healingVault 81In Curie's office, southeast corner of the Vault.
Melee+25% critical damage with melee weaponsTrinity TowerOn a table in the cage where Rex Goodman and Strong are being held.
Perception+1 to PerceptionMuseum of FreedomOn the room where you first meet Preston Garvey; on a desk next to a broken terminal.
Repair+10% fusion core durationCorvega Assembly PlantOn the very end of the top exterior ganty (blue ballon), southwest roof section of the plant building.
Science+1 guess when hackingMalden Middle School (Vault 75)On the desk overlooking the subterranean 'Training' area, within the science labs.
Small Guns+25% critical damage with ballistic gunsGunners PlazaOn the broadcast desk in the on-air room, ground floor, west side of the building.
Sneak+10% harder to detectDunwich BorersOn a small metal table by a lantern, right next to the metal post terminal area #4.
Speech+100 vendor capsPark Street Station (Vault 114)In the Overseer's office.
Strength+1 to StrengthMass Fusion BuildingOn the metal wall sculpture high above the lobby desk.
Unarmed+25% critical damage with unarmed attacksAtom Cats GarageOn the hood of the rusty car in the main warehouse.

This document uses material from the “Vault-Tec bobblehead” article on the Fallout wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


  1. This is awesome, I wanted to create a similar thing for my own use but it already exists here which is great. So thank you to who ever made this it just saved me about an hours worth of formatting in a word doc.

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