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Quest items are obtained by completing “Path of the Hunter” quests.

Printable Checklist and Reference Sheet

Far-Cry-3-Crafting.pdf (1791 downloads)

Craftable Items

ItemNameCapacityItems Required
Ammo PouchSimpleLow2x Boar Hide
Ammo PouchRuggedMedium2x Buffalo Hide
Ammo PouchHeavy DutyHigh2x Tiger Skin
Ammo PouchExtendedMaximum1x Golden Tiger Leather (Quest)
Arrow QuiverSimple10 regular, 10 special1x Goat Skin
Arrow QuiverRugged15 regular, 10 special2x Tapir Hide
Arrow QuiverHeavy Duty20 regular, 10 special2x Bear Skin
Arrow QuiverExtended30 regular, 10 special1x Maneater Shark Skin (Quest)
Flamethrower Fuel SlingSimple2002x Dog Skin
Flamethrower Fuel SlingRugged3002x Boar Hide
Flamethrower Fuel SlingHeavy Duty4002x Komodo Dragon Skin
Flamethrower Fuel SlingExtended5001x Yellow Neck Leather (Quest)
Loot RucksackStarting Rucksack16 SlotsN/A
Loot RucksackSimple Rucksack32 Slots2x Boar Hide
Loot RucksackRugged Rucksack48 Slots2x Tapir Hide
Loot RucksackHeavy Duty Rucksack64 Slots4x Dingo Pelt
Loot RucksackExtended Rucksack96 SlotsUndying Bear Leather 1x (Quest)
Munitions PouchSimple32x Goat Skin
Munitions PouchRugged42x Leopard Skin
Munitions PouchHeavy Duty52x Bear Skin
Munitions PouchExtended61x White Belly Tapir Leather (Quest)
Rocket PackSimple4 RPG-7 rounds, 8 GL-941x Deer Hide
Rocket PackRugged5 RPG-7 rounds, 10 GL-944x Dingo Pelt
Rocket PackHeavy Duty6 RPG-7 rounds, 12 GL-943x Tiger Skin
Syringe KitSimple5 syringes1x Pig Hide
Syringe KitRugged7 syringes3x Dog Skin
Syringe KitHeavy Duty9 syringes2x Leopard Skin
Syringe KitExtended12 syringes1x Black Panther Leather (Quest)
Throwable PackSimple42x Goat Skin
Throwable PackRugged62x Deer Hide
Throwable PackHeavy Duty83x Komodo Dragon Skin
Throwable PackExtended121x Blood Komodo Leather (Quest)
WalletStarting Wallet1000N/A
WalletSimple Wallet20001x Pig Hide
WalletRugged Wallet40002x Cassowary Leather
WalletHeavy Duty Wallet60002x Shark Skin
WalletExtended Wallet100001x One Horn Hide (Quest)
Weapon HolsterStarting Holster1 Weapon SlotN/A
Weapon HolsterSimple Holster2 Weapon Slots1x Goat Skin
Weapon HolsterRugged Holster3 Weapon Slots2x Deer Hide
Weapon HolsterHeavy Duty Holster4 Weapon Slots2x Shark Skin

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