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Craftable Items

CategoryNameLeaves in RecipeEffectUnlocked By
CombatEnhanced Perception1 CrimsonCan detect enemies and explosives through scent, and will automatically tag any in line of sightCompleting The Medusa's Call
CombatFireproof2 CrimsonCannot be set on fire, but will still be damaged from standing on fireCompleting Secure the Outpost
CombatSharpshooter2 Crimson, 1 AmberAccuracy is increased when firing from the hipCompleting A Man Named Hoyt
ExplorationDeep Dive2 Blue, 1 GreenCan hold breath for the duration of the syringeCompleting Island Port Hotel
ExplorationNature Boy1 BluePlants can be seen through their scentCompleting Once More With Dignity
ExplorationSprint Burst2 BlueSprinting and swimming speeds are greatly increasedCompleting Saving Oliver
HealingEndorphin Boost2 Green, 1 BlueRestores health to full and adds four extra health bars that do not regenerateCompleting Piece of the Past
HealingMedicine1 GreenRestores 2 bars of healthCompleting Harvest the Jungle
HuntingAnimal Repellant2 AmberAggressive animals will not attack, except aquatic predatorsCompleting Mushrooms in the Deep
HuntingDeadly Hunter2 Amber, 5 CrimsonDamage against animals is increasedCompleting Playing the Spoiler
HuntingHunter's Instinct1 AmberAnimals can be seen through their scentCompleting Secure the Outpost
SpecialTouch of Death2 White, 5 Amber, 5 CrimsonAll shots fired will be instant killsFinding 40 Relics
SpecialUntouchable2 White, 5 Blue, 5 GreenImmune to any damageFinding 30 Relics

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