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Last Updated: Jan-08-2015 (corrected book titles and added one title thanks to visitor comments)

A visitor by the name of Jen requested a sortable file which lists all of the books, notes, letters, journals, spell books and skill books in Skyrim. She also asked for the locations of each and the associated DLC (if any). I have done my best to compile such a list using existing resources on the net (please see the “Attribution” tab in the file), but I’m sure the list is far from perfect so take it with a grain of salt and send me a screenshot of your room full of books and paper when you’re done. 😀

the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-all-books-and-notes.xlsx (72506 downloads)
the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-all-books-and-notes.pdf (123266 downloads)

The following items are covered in the file:

  • Common Books
  • Black Books (Dragonborn)
  • Journals
  • Letters / Notes
  • Skill Books
  • Spell Tomes
  • Treasure Maps


  1. That’s perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. And so quickly too. Thank you so much. I will try to remember to let you know if I come across something in game that is missing or different. This is awesome! I hope it will help other organized gamers as well.

  2. Hello. First thank you for the list, and secondly….to make one shorter you could remove the books already listed in the skill book pdf….just a thought. Thanks again for the work you have done 🙂

  3. @Angeleyes21495, I’m glad you can make use of the list. Happy hunting 🙂

    Thank you for the idea but I think I’d rather keep all books in the list. That way it can be considered complete. I’m wondering if John just wanted it shorter as in less pages to print. I’ve updated the Excel file so it should print to 18 pages now. Hopefully that helps.

  4. annals of the dragonguard isnt on the list. its a book esbern leaves on the table in delphines secret wardrobe room when he gets there.

  5. Thank you for this! However, I noticed a mistake: You have the “Argonian Account” series listed as “The Argonian Account.” Or at least, you do in the spreadsheet.

    While it’s not a big mistake, it does influence where I find it in the list. When I was initially checking off my long list of books, I thought you had missed them until I finally got down to the T section on your list.

    Thought you should know.

  6. @Tsunoba – Wow, you were actually going through and checking these off? You must be quite the collector! I’ve removed “The” from the title. I’m assuming that’s how they appear in inventory in the game. Thank you for letting me know!

  7. @D0S81 – Thank you for your comment, I’ve added this book to the list. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you as well.

  8. Hi!

    I just wanted to thank you for putting this together! It’s so nice to have literally everything in one place… I love reading the journals found around Skyrim so having them on my iPad is just so awesome.

    Thanks again, you effort is greatly appreciated!

  9. Hi Cam, thanks for letting me know that you’re putting the list to good use. I feel a little guilty for not reading more of the books in the game. I like knowing there are people like you (Scholar-Adventurer?) who take the time.

  10. The Excel file with filtered columns is extremely helpful so that I can have separate lists of books, journals, spell tomes, etc. Thank you so much for putting in the time to do this!

  11. Thank you so much for this list! A few ridiculously minor things that I noted while sifting through my collection. Battle of Red Mountain is listed twice (Battle of Red Mountain and The Battle of Red Mountain), as is Last King of the Ayleids (Last King of the Ayleids and The Last King of the Ayleids). Also, Hanging Gardens is not shown on the list. I’m not sure where I found the book, so I can’t give you any specific information, but I had it in my inventory.

    You are amazing! Keep up the awesome list making!

  12. I made a little Skyrim book generator (Hopefully, for use in the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Table RPG) using your excel file. It just spits out some book titles and their qualities that might effect a game. It would be really helpful to use for filling out rooms in D&D games. Is it alright if I send it off to them? If you want to check it out, you can find it here:

  13. Hi Greg, I don’t feel like I can grant/deny permission for you to use the content because it was compiled from various sources listed in the “Attribution” tab in the Excel file. If anything, you may want to include the same attribution on your generator (to the original sources, not to this site). It’s decent of you to ask and I’m glad you’re able to make use of the list!

  14. This list has super helpful in tracking down the books for my lakeview manor and I’ve been having a blast stealing, finding, and buying them all. Today I came across a book not on the list and thought i would mention it (though I’m not sure if this thread is still active as last time stamp I seen was 2015) Book is called: Hanging Gardens and I bought it from the orc at the College of Winterhold. Thanks again!

  15. This sorta helps. But I wish you could make it to where you can read them on this site. The iperial library only works on desktop/PC not chromebook.

  16. Hi there Josh, are you saying that you’d like to see the books listed directly on this page rather than in Excel or PDF?

  17. Hello… there is a book called “Hanging Gardens” it’s not on the list. Not sure where or when I picked it up. But I was checking g off all my books, notes, skill books, etc. And it wasn’t there. Thank you for the awesome job btw, just what I needed

  18. First thing, let me say THANK YOU for this! I am a book collector and I’ve been looking for a checklist of all the books, and this is perfect! I can’t imagine how much time and effort went into making this!
    While going through my book collection (which actually isn’t very extensive right now because I just reinstalled the game a few weeks ago), I noticed a few books that weren’t on the list:
    Dibella’s Promise (I don’t remember where I picked this up and I haven’t found anything about it on Google, but it contains a poem by Maya Angelou)
    Alethius’s Notes (found in Nchuand-Zel, starts The Lost Expedition Quest)
    Letter from Jarl Siddgeir of Falkreath (Hearthfire DLC)

  19. Hi again,

    I just noticed another book not listed: Hanging Gardens. It’s a book that Urag gro-Shub at the College of Winterhold asks the Dragonborn to retrieve for him.

  20. Yes, the site is active though I haven’t been very good at keeping it up lately. I’m glad you can make use of it. Thanks for reaching out!

  21. This is perfect! Thanks so much for all the work! Now next time I play through, I can leave all the skill books until later and after I have “Scholar’s Insight”. I can also keep track of which books in a series I have and which is new, and where to find all of them!

    Thanks again

  22. Thank you very much for this. I am aiming to collect every book, so this should be a great help.

    However there are some in my collection that do not appear on your list;

    Hanging Gardens
    Heretical Thoughts
    The Crimson Dirks, v1
    The Crimson Dirks, v3
    The Crimson Dirks, v5

    I have lots more to collect…


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