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Trainers can increase your skills exchange for gold. You can train up to five times per level, and trainers cannot raise skills past 90.

Printable Reference List

Skyrim-Trainers.pdf (7523 downloads)

List of Trainers

DB = Dragonborn DLC
DG = Dawnguard DLC
++ = Potential Follower
Levels: Adept (0-50), Expert (0-75), Master (0-90)

AlchemyExpertArcadiaWhiterun, Arcadia's Cauldron
AlchemyExpertMilore IenthDBRaven Rock
AlchemyMasterBabetteDark Brotherhood SanctuaryJoin the Dark Brotherhood
AlterationExpertDravynea the StoneweaverKynesgrove, Braidwood Inn
AlterationMasterTolfdirCollege of WinterholdJoin the College
Archery-AngiAngi's CampComplete her archery training
ArcheryAdeptFaendal ++Riverwood
ArcheryExpertAela the Huntress ++Whiterun, JorrvaskrJoin the Companions
ArcheryMasterNiruinRiften, The Ragged FlagonJoin the Thieves Guild
ArcheryMasterSorine JurardDGFort DawnguardComplete "A New Order"
BlockExpertNjada Stonearm ++Whiterun, JorrvaskrJoin the Companions
BlockMasterLarakMor KhazgurBe an orc or become Blood-Kin
ConjurationExpertPhinis GestorCollege of WinterholdJoin the College
ConjurationMasterFalionMorthal, Falion's House
ConjurationMasterTalvas Fathryon ++DBTel Mithryn
DestructionAdeptWuunferth the UnlivingWindhelm, Palace of the Kings, upstairs
DestructionExpertGaran MarethiDGCastle VolkiharJoin Harkon's court
DestructionExpertSybille StentorSolitude, The Blue Palace
DestructionMasterFaraldaCollege of WinterholdJoin the College
EnchantingExpertSergius TurrianusCollege of WinterholdJoin the College
EnchantingMasterHamalMarkarth, Temple of DibellaComplete "The Heart of Dibella"
EnchantingMasterNelothDBTel Mithryn
Heavy ArmorExpertGharolDushnikh YalBe an orc or become Blood-Kin
Heavy ArmorMasterFarkas ++Whiterun, Jorrvaskr
Heavy ArmorMasterIsranDGFort Dawnguard
Heavy ArmorMasterKuvarDBBujold's Retreat or Thirsk Mead HallWill not offer training if you tell the truth about Bujold during "Retaking Thirsk"
IllusionExpertAtubLargashburComplete "The Cursed Tribe"
IllusionMasterDrevis NelorenCollege of WinterholdJoin the College
Light ArmorAdeptScouts-Many-MarshesWindhelm docks
Light ArmorExpertGrelkaRiften, market
Light ArmorMasterNazirDark Brotherhood SanctuaryJoin the Dark Brotherhood
LockpickingExpertMa'jhadKhajiit CaravansTravels between Windhelm and Solitude
LockpickingMasterVexRiften, The Ragged FlagonJoin the Thieves Guild
One-HandedExpertAthis ++Whiterun, JorrvaskrJoin the Companions
One-HandedMasterBurgukDushnikh YalBe an orc or become Blood-Kin
PickpocketExpertSilda the UnseenWindhelm, outside Candlehearth Hall
PickpocketMasterVipir the FleetRiften, The Ragged FlagonJoin the Thieves Guild
RestorationAdeptAphia VelothiDBRaven Rock
RestorationExpertColette MarenceCollege of WinterholdJoin the College
RestorationExpertKeeper CarcetteHall of the VigilantKilled if Dawnguard is installed
RestorationMasterDanica Pure-SpringWhiterun, Temple of KynarethComplete "The Blessings of Nature"
RestorationMasterFlorentius BaeniusDGFort DawnguardComplete "Bolstering the Ranks"
SmithingAdeptGhorza gra-BagolMarkarth
SmithingMasterEorlund Gray-ManeWhiterun, SkyforgeJoin the Companions
SmithingMasterGunmarDGFort DawnguardComplete "A New Order"
SneakAdeptKhaylaKhajiit CaravanTravels between Whiterun and Markarth
SneakExpertGarveyMarkarth, The Warrens
SneakMasterDelvin MalloryRiften, The Ragged Flagon
SpeechAdeptDro'marashKhajiit CaravanTravels between Riften and Dawnstar
SpeechAdeptRevyn SadriWindhelm, Sadri's Used Wares
SpeechExpertOgmundMarkarth, Silver-Blood Inn
SpeechExpertRonthilDGCastle VolkiharJoin Harkon's court
SpeechMasterGiraud GemaneSolitude, Bards College
Two-HandedExpertTorbjorn Shatter-ShieldWindhelm
Two-HandedMasterFura BloodmouthDGCastle VolkiharJoin Harkon's court
Two-HandedMasterVilkas ++Whiterun, JorrvaskrJoin the Companions
Two-HandedMasterWulf Wild-BloodDBSkaal Village

This document uses material from the “Skyrim:Trainers” article and linked articles on the The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages ( and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

Thank you to Dave R., a fellow organized gamer, for collaborating on this reference list.


  1. hi.
    thanks for your info and content.

    is there any chance you can also add a ‘merchant yes/no’ table into your skyrim trainers list?
    this way a player can see if they can resell items back to the trainer in order to get their gold back at higher levels when pickpocketing is no longer an option

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