Stones of Barenziah

Last Updated: Nov-11-2017 (improved description of gem locations and related quests).

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Stones of Barenziah Locations

LocationLocation DescriptionNotes
AnsilvundOn the table at the end of Ansilvund Burial ChambersAnsilvund is a ruin northeast of Shor's Stone.
Black-Briar LodgeTop floorBlack Briar Lodge is a building at the base of the mountains east of Riften. To get a map marker, visit the Bee and Barb in Riften and talk to Louis Letrush to start Promises to Keep.
College of WinterholdArch-Mage's QuartersArch-Mage's Quarters are accessible after completing the College of Winterhold quest Under Saarthal.
Dainty SloadInside the ship in the last roomThe Dainty Sload is a ship found northeast of Solitude and southwest of Solitude Lighthouse. It is visited during the Thieves Guild quest The Dainty Sload.
Dark Brotherhood SanctuaryAstrid's roomThe sanctuary is accessible after joining the Dark Brotherhood, or through the quest Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!.
Dead Crone RockStone altar opposite the Word WallDead Crone Rock is a tower south-southwest of Markarth. To get a map marker, visit Dawnstar and talk to Silus Vesuius outside his home to start Pieces of the Past.
Fellglow KeepUp the stairs and to the rightFellglow Keep is a fort east-northeast of Whiterun. To get a map marker, after the College of Winterhold quest Under Saarthal speak to Urag gro-Shub in the library to start Hitting the Books.
Hob's Fall CaveThe gem is near the alchemy set under the bridge in the northwestern part of the cave systemHob's Fall Cave is a small cave on the coast between Winterhold and Dawnstar. To get a map marker, after becoming a member of the Bard's College, talk to Pantea to start Pantea's Flute.
MarkarthThe Treasury House, Thonar's bedroomPick an Apprentice lock to enter the bedroom.
MarkarthUnderstone Keep, Dwemer MuseumThere are several ways to enter the museum. The two fastest are: (1) Talk to Calcelmo in Understone Keep to start Nimhe, the Poisoned One. The museum key is awarded upon completion. (2) Steal the museum key on the table near Calcelmo, or pick the Adept lock. This method will make the museum guards hostile towards you.
Pinewatch Bandit's SanctuaryPress the hidden button to the right of the bookcase, providing access to the bandit's hideout. The gem is found in a locked room in the Bandit's Sanctuary.Pinewatch is a building that can be found by following the road east-northeast from Falkreath. It is visited during the Thieves Guild quest Silver Lining.
Rannveig's FastAfter falling down the trapdoor in front of the chest and the Word Wall, the stone is next to the alchemy lab and chest on the rightRannveig's Fast is a ruin in the mountain range south of Morthal, north of Swindler's Den.
Reeking Cave or Thalmor EmbassyPrior to official patch 1.4, the stone is located in the Thalmor Embassy in Elenwen's Solar on the second floor. After patch 1.4, inside Reeking Cave.The gem can be acquired during the main quest line quest Diplomatic Immunity. However, it is possible to access Reeking Cave by jumping and using Whirlwind Sprint.
RiftenMistveil Keep, Jarl's bedroom
SolitudeBlue Palace, Jarl's bedroom
SolitudeProudspire ManorMust buy the house but no upgrades are required.
Stony Creek CaveOn the table next to the alchemy lab in the room off to the sideStony Creek Cave is south of the Eastmarch Imperial Camp by a small lake with a dock. To get a map marker, after becoming a member of the Bard's College, talk to Inge Six Fingers to start Finn's Lute.
Sunderstone GorgeOn the table with two bodies in front of the Word WallSunderstone Gorge is a cave found south of Fort Sunguard.
WhiterunDragonsreach, Jarl's bedroom
WhiterunHall of the Dead, inside the catacombs
WhiterunJorrvaskr's living quarters, Kodlak's room
WindhelmHouse of Clan Shatter-ShieldPick a Master lock to enter.
WindhelmPalace of the Kings, upstairs in Wuunferth's room
YngvildThe gem is in the bedroom behind the throne in Yngvild Throne roomYngvild is a cave found on an island east-northeast of Dawnstar. It is visited during the Thieves Guild quest Toying With The Dead.
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  1. Just to the confused. The reeking cave is under the Thalmor Embassy, it took me forever to realize this!

    Also Rannveig’s fast is technically located in Whiterun Hold. At least according to the maker location map that came with my Skyrim Offical Guide.

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