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Table of Spells

SpellSchool of MagickaSkill LevelSourceDLC
CandlelightAlterationNoviceSpell Tome
OakfleshAlterationNoviceSpell Tome
MagelightAlterationApprenticeSpell Tome
StonefleshAlterationApprenticeSpell Tome
Detect LifeAlterationAdeptSpell Tome
IronfleshAlterationAdeptSpell Tome
TelekinesisAlterationAdeptSpell Tome
TransmuteAlterationAdeptSpell Tome (Found)
WaterbreathingAlterationAdeptSpell Tome
Detect DeadAlterationExpertSpell Tome
EbonyfleshAlterationExpertSpell Tome
ParalyzeAlterationExpertSpell Tome
DragonhideAlterationMasterSpell Tome
Mass ParalysisAlterationMasterSpell Tome
Bound SwordConjurationNoviceSpell Tome
Conjure FamiliarConjurationNoviceSpell Tome
Raise ZombieConjurationNoviceSpell Tome
Summon Unbound DremoraConjurationNoviceQuest
Bound BattleaxeConjurationApprenticeSpell Tome
Conjure Flame AtronachConjurationApprenticeSpell Tome
Flaming FamiliarConjurationApprenticeQuest
Reanimate CorpseConjurationApprenticeSpell Tome
Soul TrapConjurationApprenticeSpell Tome
Summon Arniel's ShadeConjurationApprenticeQuest
Banish DaedraConjurationAdeptSpell Tome
Bound BowConjurationAdeptSpell Tome
Conjure Frost AtronachConjurationAdeptSpell Tome
RevenantConjurationAdeptSpell Tome
Command DaedraConjurationExpertSpell Tome
Conjure Dremora LordConjurationExpertSpell Tome
Conjure Storm AtronachConjurationExpertSpell Tome
Dread ZombieConjurationExpertSpell Tome
Expel DaedraConjurationExpertSpell Tome
Dead ThrallConjurationMasterSpell Tome
Flame ThrallConjurationMasterSpell Tome
Frost ThrallConjurationMasterSpell Tome
Storm ThrallConjurationMasterSpell Tome
Arniel's ConvectionDestructionNoviceQuest
FlamesDestructionNoviceSpell Tome
FrostbiteDestructionNoviceSpell Tome
SparksDestructionNoviceSpell Tome
Vampiric DrainDestructionNoviceVampirism
Fire RuneDestructionApprenticeSpell Tome
FireboltDestructionApprenticeSpell Tome
Frost RuneDestructionApprenticeSpell Tome
Ice SpikeDestructionApprenticeSpell Tome
Lightning BoltDestructionApprenticeSpell Tome
Lightning RuneDestructionApprenticeSpell Tome
Chain LightningDestructionAdeptSpell Tome
FireballDestructionAdeptSpell Tome
Flame CloakDestructionAdeptSpell Tome
Frost CloakDestructionAdeptSpell Tome
Ice StormDestructionAdeptSpell Tome
Lightning CloakDestructionAdeptSpell Tome
Icy SpearDestructionExpertSpell Tome
IncinerateDestructionExpertSpell Tome
ThunderboltDestructionExpertSpell Tome
Wall of FlamesDestructionExpertSpell Tome
Wall of FrostDestructionExpertSpell Tome
Wall of StormsDestructionExpertSpell Tome
BlizzardDestructionMasterSpell Tome
Fire StormDestructionMasterSpell Tome
Lightning StormDestructionMasterSpell Tome
ClairvoyanceIllusionNoviceSpell Tome
CourageIllusionNoviceSpell Tome
FuryIllusionNoviceSpell Tome
Vision of the Tenth EyeIllusionNoviceQuest
CalmIllusionApprenticeSpell Tome
FearIllusionApprenticeSpell Tome
MuffleIllusionApprenticeSpell Tome
FrenzyIllusionAdeptSpell Tome
RallyIllusionAdeptSpell Tome
InvisibilityIllusionExpertSpell Tome
PacifyIllusionExpertSpell Tome
RoutIllusionExpertSpell Tome
Call to ArmsIllusionMasterSpell Tome
HarmonyIllusionMasterSpell Tome
HysteriaIllusionMasterSpell Tome
MayhemIllusionMasterSpell Tome
HealingRestorationNoviceSpell Tome
Lesser WardRestorationNoviceSpell Tome
Fast HealingRestorationApprenticeSpell Tome
Healing HandsRestorationApprenticeSpell Tome
Steadfast WardRestorationApprenticeSpell Tome
Turn Lesser UndeadRestorationApprenticeSpell Tome
Close WoundsRestorationAdeptSpell Tome
Greater WardRestorationAdeptSpell Tome
Heal OtherRestorationAdeptSpell Tome
Repel Lesser UndeadRestorationAdeptSpell Tome
Turn UndeadRestorationAdeptSpell Tome
Circle of ProtectionRestorationExpertSpell Tome
Grand HealingRestorationExpertSpell Tome
Repel UndeadRestorationExpertSpell Tome
Turn Greater UndeadRestorationExpertSpell Tome
Bane of the UndeadRestorationMasterQuest
Guardian CircleRestorationMasterSpell Tome
Conjure BonemanConjurationApprenticeSpell Tome (Found)Dawnguard
Summon ArvakConjurationApprenticeQuestDawnguard
Conjure MistmanConjurationAdeptSpell Tome (Found)Dawnguard
Conjure WrathmanConjurationExpertSpell Tome (Found)Dawnguard
Necromantic HealingRestorationApprenticeSpell TomeDawnguard
Sun FireRestorationApprenticeSpell TomeDawnguard
Heal UndeadRestorationAdeptSpell TomeDawnguard
Stendarr's AuraRestorationAdeptSpell TomeDawnguard
Vampire's BaneRestorationAdeptSpell TomeDawnguard
BatsVampire LordN/AVampire Lord DefaultDawnguard
Corpse CurseVampire LordN/AVampire Lord PerkDawnguard
Detect All CreaturesVampire LordN/AVampire Lord PerkDawnguard
Drain LifeVampire LordN/AVampire Lord DefaultDawnguard
Mist FormVampire LordN/AVampire Lord PerkDawnguard
Raise DeadVampire LordN/AVampire Lord DefaultDawnguard
Summon GargoyleVampire LordN/AVampire Lord PerkDawnguard
Supernatural ReflexesVampire LordN/AVampire Lord PerkDawnguard
Vampire SightVampire LordN/AVampire Lord DefaultDawnguard
Vampiric GripVampire LordN/AVampire Lord PerkDawnguard
Ash ShellAlterationAdeptSpell TomeDragonborn
Ash RuneAlterationExpertSpell TomeDragonborn
Bound DaggerConjurationNoviceSpell TomeDragonborn
Conjure Ash SpawnConjurationAdeptSpell TomeDragonborn
Conjure SeekerConjurationAdeptSpell Tome (Found)Dragonborn
Conjure Ash GuardianConjurationExpertSpell TomeDragonborn
Whirlwind CloakDestructionAdeptSpell TomeDragonborn
Frenzy RuneIllusionAdeptPurchaseDragonborn


  1. I was doing this with a notebook and pen.. time consuming and incomplete. For a completist gamer, this is just what I needed. Thanks!

  2. Thank you soooo much for this! This is exactly what I have been searching for all over the internet. It’s perfect! I was writing everything down by hand which was horrible. Thanks again! 😀

  3. Would it be possible to have the spell list alphabetically as well? Either just strict alphabetical or alphabetical by school (or both!). Thanks!

  4. there is a conjure dragon priest spell that i have seen people use in playthroughs and i was wondering if u could add that on to the checklist if it is in the game, and if it isnt in the game, but is added through a mod then it wouldnt make sense on this list

  5. Any chance to add the creation club content spells on here? For instance the ones added from the Arcane Accessories content?

  6. Hi there, quick question, could this be updated with the new DLC spells from the anniversary edition? If not, I totally understand, but I figured it was worth an ask! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

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